Private Label


Welcome to our Private Label page, where we invite you to discover the possibilities of leveraging our manufacturing expertise to bring your brand's vision to life with our premium Fire Plugs.

Crafted from wax-infused cotton, our Next Level Fire Plugs redefine fire starting with their all-season, all-weather reliability. These compact yet powerful tinder tabs boast easy fluffing and extended burn times of up to 5 minutes, ensuring reliable ignition when you need it most.

By partnering with us for private label manufacturing, you gain access to our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities and unrivaled industry knowledge. Whether you're a retailer, outdoor enthusiast brand, or emergency preparedness supplier, our Fire Plugs offer a versatile addition to your product lineup.

Explore the endless possibilities of integrating our premium Fire Plugs into your brand's offerings. From camping and hiking gear to emergency preparedness kits, our Fire Plugs provide the reliability and performance your customers demand.

Partner with us today and let's ignite success together with our private label manufacturing solutions.

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